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California already..

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California here we come.

We are currently making the drive from Utah, through Nevada and into California.  Here’s a little about what we did our last two days in Utah.

After Arches we drove right outside of Zion National Park to a place called Cedar City.  A town that springs up out of nowhere.   To all the people reading this who went to West Virginia University- we have seen the far side of route 70… that sign that says Denver: 1700 miles and Fort Cove: 2600 miles.  We drove through both and have seen the end of Route 70.  At the end of Route 70 and the beginning of Interstate 15 you can either go North towards Salt Lake City (Utah’s capital and home of the Mormons) or South to Las Vegas (Sin City).  A little ironic, a choice between good and evil.  How convenient that our trip took us south.  After spending the night in Cedar City and getting to know the people of Utah even better, we traveled towards Zion National Park.  More and more we are noticing differences between the demeanor and personalities of the populations of the different states we cross.  Every exchange we had with a Utah native was forced and awkward, even with our servers at restaurants.

We got to the park at about midday and by that time the campgrounds inside the park were full so we had to stay at a private campground only a mile outside the park entrance, but they did have showers which we, and I’m sure everyone around us, were thankful of.  Much to our surprise Zion National Park is the most popular of all Utah’s National Parks and is the second most visited for rock climbing next to Yosemite.  We almost didn’t come because we thought Arches was the place to see but we were wrong.  Zion is a completely different landscape.  Arches was an arid mostly flat land with the exception of the sandstone fins and arches.  Zion National Park is at the base of Zion Canyon and at the bottom of the surrounding mountains.  Virgin River cuts through the cliffs which is what sculpted the canyon.  A shuttle takes you from the visitor center to the farthest point of the paved road to the Temple of Sinwava where the river will not allow you to go any further into the canyon.  That is where me and Charlie get out and start our hike.  Equipped with waterproof pants, aqua socks, canyoneering boots and a walking stick, the hike called The Narrows takes you further into the canyon by a trail that is completely up stream.  You hike through the river from ankle to sometimes waist deep water.  Our destination is a place called “Wall Street” where the canyon gets as little as 25 feet wide and walls reach up to 1,500 feet high.  We felt like salmon as we trekked upstream for 2 1/2 hours.  The sights were amazing but we both had to keep reminding each other to look up because you are mostly concentrating on each step on the slippery rocks.  I have to say however we were pro’s, Charlie made sure we passed each cautious hiker and instead of sticking to the shallower sides we challenged ourselves with the deep parts and the rapids. Chad you were right this was the best hike we went on.  We went the whole way without falling till me, with my newly boosted I-can-walk-on-water attitude, I hopped into a deep part and fell backwards.  Taught me.

We got out, drained our shoes, and soon realized we were spent.  We did the shorter 5 mile hike, there is a longer 16 mile hike thru-river which is suggested to be an overnight trip with backcountry camping.  They have a strict “no trace” policy where everything in the canyon stays and everything you bring in the canyon comes out.  They mean everything.  At the store where we got all our gear from they require you buy a poop bag if you are doing the overnight trip.  They also have a special video about how all that works.  Maybe next time we go across country.

Springdale is the town right outside the park and where we set up camp. There is one local sports bar & restaurant that we dawned at the end of the night so Charlie could catch the Phillies game.  Utah has some funny drinking laws.  Because of the heavy religious influence the bartender can not serve you alcohol without you ordering food since it was also a restaurant and they can never have drink specials because they don’t want to promote drinking.  There are signs posted behind the bar explaining the rules and the last rule is “you may not be intoxicated”.  The bartender recited the rules as he must have millions of times to the out of staters and we must have had disbelieving faces because next to us a guy started laughing.  We soon found out that he was also from the east coast and he said the closest bar where you could just order drinks without food was 60 miles away in Cedar City where we had come from.  So we ordered the cheapest thing on the menu and sucked it up.  After talking to the guy from New York we learned he was on a road trip of his own and was riding his bike from Washington state to Arizona.  A bicycle not a motorcycle.  He had been on the road for as long as we have and was almost finished.  Again, maybe next time we go across country…

Our next destination is San Francisco.  We are driving tonight to the other side of the Nevada border to California.  On our way out of Zion we took a little unintentional detour into Dixie National Forest.  An hour out of our way but was an amazingly beautiful ride because the leaves are changing colors.

We will be passing through Yosemite so we can make it to Game 4 of the Philadelphia-San Francisco NLCS game on the 20th in San Fran and doubling back to see Yosemite.  Love will make you crazy things.


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October 19, 2010 at 5:49 pm

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  1. WOW! What a great trip so far!!! Those crazy Utahians and their drinking policy!! haha. And i love how you guys played up the “Jersey Shore” thing!! That’s great. Enjoy the game! And welcome to my home-state! And enjoy Yosemite…will you be going to Sequoia too? The trees are AMAZING! If you do, you have to visit The General Sherman! 🙂 Have fun! Keep posting.


    October 19, 2010 at 10:47 pm

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