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We made it out of the deep south.  Onward to Texas.  Houston, San Antonio and Austin.
Houston is the 4th biggest city in the United States.  Yup, that is just about right.  We drove into the big city, got lost, got out of the car, walked around and then decided we needed to move on.  Wish I could tell you more but that is basically it for us and Houston.  It was not a walking city by any means.
We grabbed something to eat at another Diner Drive In and Dives joint called Cafe Pita.  It was bosnian food which is a lot like greek food.  The thin bread was really good with hummus.  We decided the give Houston another try and asked the waiter what to do.  He immediately suggested leaving Houston.  That was enough convincing for us and we are out of the there.

Onto San Antonio.  We drove two hours and by the time we got there it was night time.  Now if you know me, I’m slightly afraid of birds.  Ok more than slightly.  And if you know Charlie, he’s not too fond of bats.  I think you know where this is going.  Birds that flew in crazy scary bird packs.  Good luck walking under a tree.  You could hear the splattering every 5 seconds.  In a packed parking lot you see the trend of no cars in certain spots.  An unlucky visitor will pull in and be pleasantly surprised to find their car under a pile of you know what.  I asked the bus driver, “What’s with all the birds?”  “They live here” he said.  Enough said I guess.  We dodged the trees and walked down to downtown San Antonio.  It looks like any other city until you take the stairs down to the amazing River Walk.   Throughout the city runs a river that is lined with restaurants and people.  It is something out of Disney World.  We both had to keep convincing ourselves that we wouldn’t see mechanical children singing Small World around the corner.  We picked among a slew of Mexican restaurants and got ourselves a $25 pitcher of margarita on the rocks and a couple of 100% pure agave tequila shots.  Oh the food was good too.
We ended us chatting with a couple who once we told them we were from New Jersey instictevly asked Oh like the Jersey Shore?  We then convinced them that Ronnie was Charlie’s cousin and that we had heard San Antonio and the River Walk was going to be the shooting location for the next season.  We decided that this will now be our response when people ask us about the Jersey Shore.  It worked in New Mexico too.

The next morning we went to the City Market which is a outdoor market with food, crafts and Michael Jackson?  Not the black one or white one.. Miguel Jackson.  He performed as well as ladies who sang Selena.


We then went to the Alamo.  We went into the main building which had original guns, Davy Crockett’s vest, and a diorama of how the whole battle went down.  And a segway tours! We looked for Gob but he wasn’t there.

We spent another night on the river walk and then went to New Bruafels and tubed down the Guadalope river.  A 3 and 1/2 hour ride down the river with me Charlie and a case of beer.  We hit some rapids Charlie lost his shirt and sandals.  Another pair of rainbows gone.

All the tubing made us hungry so we went to the Salt Lick outside of Austin.  A huge BBQ place in the middle of nowhere which has made it onto almost every Food Network show because they have an open pit in the middle of the restaurant where they throw every kind of meat on there to cook.  We both got tasting plates which had ribs, smoked sausage, brisket, baked beans, smoked turkey, potato salad and au gratin, and bread and butter.  Pecan pie with ice cream for dessert.  The ribs were our favorite.

Austin was our next stop.  The first day we explored the city and went to the the biggest Whole Foods in the country.  There are some not so lousy food vendors on the streets and people playing music.  The next day we woke up and went a little outside the city and went on a Canopy Tour.  We zip lined from tree to tree and walked over some rope bridges.  Another crazy tree hugger tour guides Robert and Cedric.  The place is a farm which uses windmills and water wheels and raise Bison.

On the way back to Austin we stopped at Lake Travis.  A beautiful clear blue lake with multi-million dollar houses.  We traversed down to the lake and went to find a beach so we could swim in the lake.  We pulled up to Hippie Hallow park.  We roll down the window to pay the lady to get in and she asks us, Have you been here before?  We say no and she says just want to let you know it is clothing optional.  We decide to just give it a shot.  Well it didn’t seem it was optional to us.  Long story short, we were there for about 20 minutes, there were a lot of naked old men, we were the only ones wearing a bathing suites besides one fully clothed mexican who could have been the creepiest of them all.  Nude beaches are not for us.

1.5 million bats live under the North Congress Bridge in Austin.  At dusk the bats fly out from under the bridge and go hunting.  In a single night they will eat 20,000 pounds of bugs.  We tried to get pictures but they were flying so fast and we were on top of the bridge so they didn’t come out that good.  But if you look hard enough you can see the outline of a couple.  We also got some great shots of the Austin skyline.

The next day we decided to take the long haul to Albuquerque. The drive was long with nothing on each side of us except for the occasional ranch filled with everything from texas longhorn to antelope. This is home on the range where the deer and the antelope play. You pass through towns during the long trip but wouldn’t even know it except for the signs welcoming you to towns such as the aptly named Plains, Texas, or the not so greatly named Eden Texas. After 8 hours of driving we finally reach Roswell NM, the site for the historic UFO crash landing some 50 years ago. The town has small touristy museums and “research centers” to find out if life really does exist outside our own planet. The McDonalds playplace was in the shape of a UFO while every other street light or so was made to look like a glowing alien head not from this world. On the way out of this metropolis known as Roswell, while driving in total darkness we happened to see a streak of light falling from the sky. Was it real…I let you decide.

Finally we made it to Albuquerque and we all sorts of pumped about seeing the hot air balloons at the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.  We waited in traffic, paid our $20 to get in, walked around for two hours only to be sadly disappointed to find out that they canceled the “Glowdeo”.  We’re not really gonna get into it because it was pretty disappointing.  We did get to see some balloons the next morning which we were told it would start at 5:30 so we got there then.  Two hours later… balloons started blowing up.  All in all…  the fiesta was a fail for us.



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October 12, 2010 at 12:14 am

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  1. Love the pics guys! Looks like you are really having a blast! Sorry that the balloons were a bust. One question though…was that a storm trooper attending the balloon festival in the last picture?

    Miss you guys!


    October 12, 2010 at 10:07 pm

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